VOLTU MOTOR INC. is a technology based company founded by passionate entrepreneurs aligned with the environmental friendly technology wave and focused in todays vision of tomorrow.
The company has been developing its own electric vehicle technology for more than 4 years through intensive engineering work, achieving groundbreaking results.

The Company dynamic and synergic team of highly qualified people in each area, makes
possible to go from an idea to prototype and
finally to the market in a short time, maintaining
the vision to continuously innovate and improve
creations retaining high quality
VOLTU brand merges old with new concepts, achieving an unique fusion, that forms a solid base for every product development.

(AR) +54 (0343) 435 2950
(US) +1 (415) 799 9326

Reisender Electronic Technology S.A.
Crisólogo Larralde 506 - Paraná - Argentina
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