VOLTU® Nidum means VOLTU® nest. In the VOLTU® Nidum the customers can appreciate VOLTU® products and the latest technological advances with the appropriate technical advice, enjoying a specially designed place for motorcycle and technology enthusiasts to share experiences and have a good time.
Nidum is made of several modular panels, that can be organized to fit  the location.
VOQ R charging stations, installed in top NIDUM locations, contain multiple dispensers capable of performing a standard charge of any VOLTU® vehicle in less than 30 minutes. This system does not use the internal vehicle charger, but provides controlled direct current to the batteries.

The energy of the VOQ R can come from solar panels that supply power to the grid. Then, when a vehicle is charged, power flows from the grid to the vehicle, creating a balance of renewable energy.
RETSA's plan is to install several VOQ R linking the busiest roads
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