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Prioprietary immersed cooling tech

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Purpose-built high-torque motors

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Bi-directional inverter

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Prioprietary control electronics & software

Voltu Motor Inc. is a leading technology & innovation company delivering electric work trucks leveraging on its proprietary powertrain technology. Committed to accelerating the transition to e-mobility, Voltu is reshaping industry standards. 


Its technological breakthroughs in battery cooling systems, bi-directional inverters and purpose-built motors enable unprecedented performance, extended range and exceptional charging capabilities.


Based on proven platforms enhanced with its technology, Voltu provides a robust and validated turnkey solution for a seamless electrification.

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620 hp

827 lb-ft

Dual Motor


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Versatility in Every Charge

- 200 kW AC Onboard Fast Charger*

- Unique V2V fast sharing- 200 kW

Compatible with:

- AC fast charging

- Single phase charging

- DC fast charging

 *(Patent: US10252629B2)

Seamless connectivity, enhanced experience

Manage to your needs:

- Power & Regenerative Braking behavior

- Charging parameters

- Driver assistance

- Drivetrain parameters

- Comfort & entertainment

- Alerts & diagnosis 


Efficiency, safety & performance optimization

Over-The-Air Updates

Real-time data analytics

Preventive maintenance

Driver behavior

Charging management

Performance analysis

Our product in numbers

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90+ mph

Max speed

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827 lb-ft



17,000 lb


200 kW

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Onboard charger


TCO savings

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11,400 lb


Up to $100k

Charging infrastructure savings

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