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Our technology

The three fundamental components of Voltu's powertrain serve as the backbone of our technology. With our engineering and complete autonomy, we have the full ability to create a solution that can be adapted to the necessity of each fleet.

ICU – Initio™ Control Unit


It’s the powertrain´s brain. This engineering masterpiece consolidates all functionalities to administer motor performance, regenerative braking, and high-power charging, without requiring any additional internal or external infrastructure. This centralization not only significantly reduces the investment in charging infrastructure but also minimizes weight, maximizes payload, and enhances the system's durability and cost-effectiveness, resulting in unprecedented uptime. Additionally, it facilitates V2V charging between Voltu systems.


  • High power charging – AC up to 50kW per ICU

  • Integrated VCU with CAN/USB

  • DC fast charging compatibility

Patent number: 10252629

IEM – Initio™ Energy Module


This module achieves an outstanding energy density thanks to the patented Voltu cooling system, providing larger mileage while maximizing the space. Its design enables us to produce scalable, stackable and compact energy packs.

  • Energy Density – 450 Wh/l

  • Weight–18kg


The Initio™ technology also takes safety to the next level incorporating to the cooling system specific materials and manufacturing processes to ensure security.


Technology applied to safety:

  • Dielectric fluid -> thermal runaway 

  • Cell level fuse

  • Encapsulated cell tabs -> explosion-proof

  • Polymer frames ->  electric runaway

Patent number: 10252628

IMU – Initio™ Motor Unit


A compact and light weight power unit, developed to maximize the torque delivery at a wide range of RPMs, ensuring optimum performance output at any working condition.

The exclusively designed software prioritizes security and comfort during acceleration and braking. Additionally, it uses regenerative braking to extend the vehicle´s range capacity.

  • Power: up to 125 kW per motor unit.

  • Up to 280 Nm @ 3800 rpm

  • 10000 rpm max speed

  • Master-slaves architecture

  • Auxiliary control integrated through digital interface and CAN Bus

Driver interface with cloud-based monitoring service


Voltu has developed its technology to be permanently connected and reporting in real time performance, emergencies and critical events.

We provide our customers with a preventive maintenance service to maximize Uptime. 

Our software is constantly evolving and keeping your vehicle updated through over-the-air (OTA) downloads. 

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