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Our proven and internationally validated technology encompasses a comprehensive tech framework, featuring high-energy density battery modules with embedded safety features, bidirectional inverter capable of high power charging without the need of a ​supercharger, cutting-edge permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, and an entire embedded software ecosystem, from microcontrollers to cloud-based data architecture and analytics.

Battery Module (IEM)

Our energy modules feature patented architecture and an immersed cooling system, enhancing energy density.

The battery modules are stackable to meet specific energy requirements. Additionally, the vehicle incorporates a dedicated cooling system for the battery pack, using a secondary radiator, electric pump, and a temperature management system. This ensures optimal temperature regulation for improved vehicle safety and performance.

Battery Pack 

The battery pack is securely housed within a metal casing, positioned between the chassis beams. This setup safeguards all modules, electronics, connectors, and the cooling system.

Initio Power Unit (IPU)

Cooling System IEP

Charging Features

Fast charging

Our bi-directional inverter, using the vehicle's propulsion hardware (motor and bi-directional inverter), enables rapid charging from AC sources, achieving a full charge in just an hour.


Voltu's V2V fast charging offers unparalleled convenience and addresses range anxiety by enabling Voltu drivers to directly connect their vehicles for rapid charging with other Voltu Electrified vehicles. This feature underscores our commitment to cutting-edge solutions. Our specially engineered cable ensures a safe and seamless vehicle-to-vehicle connection.

Key Features:

  • Standard 100 kW onboard AC fast charging for all Voltu Electrified vehicles

  • V2V fast charging rollout starting in 2024

  • Custom-designed cable for secure connections

Initio Power Unit (IPU)

The IPU is composed of an integrated bi-directional inverter unit and a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) specially developed to be used as the inductor for AC fast charging and the control unit all integrated in one casing.

  • NHTSA  FMVSS 305

  • FCC Part 15

  • ISO 16750

  • ISO 21782

  • High torque/speed electric motor + Bidirectional inverter

  • Up to 50 kW fast charging without external DC charger

  • Liquid cooled

  • 560Nm @ 3800 rpm

  • 10,000 rpm max speed

  • CAN Bus communication

  • Digital input/output for peripheral control

Vehicle Integration

Voltu revolutionizes systems integration by expanding the "one black box" concept across its entire ecosystem. By merging hardware and software into a unified unit, it achieves higher quality, connectivity, and performance. All Voltu software operates as a single, updatable unit, streamlining housing, wiring, and software integration for smoother operations and fewer surprises. This integrated approach allows swift hardware and software upgrades, enhancing cybersecurity and ensuring hyper-connected vehicles from the outset through smart technology.

24/7 Connectivity:

Our focus on uninterrupted connectivity led us to embed connectivity within powertrain components. Paired with a cloud-based system, this technology enables constant monitoring of vehicle performance, facilitating continuous enhancements.

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