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Voltu's revolutionary bi-directional inverter tackles charging infrastructure needs for EVs

Sunnyvale, California, November 28th 2023. 

Since 2017, Voltu has been on a relentless mission to spearhead the evolution towards sustainable transportation with technology that provides tangible solutions that address the pressing needs of customers. Thus, it developed its proprietary technology and patented its bi-directional inverter (Patent Number 10252628), confronting the challenges faced by fleet operators in minimizing the costs related to electrification.

In response to the scarcity of available charging equipment, Voltu Motor Inc. positions itself as a pragmatic and reliable choice for businesses looking to electrify their fleets. The bi-directional inverter utilizes the same hardware employed for vehicle propulsion (motor and bi-directional inverter) to facilitate fast charging from AC sources. 

  • Save money, by utilizing the existing industrial AC electric infrastructure. 

  • Eliminate the need for a separate DC fast charger, reducing the required equipment to electrify your fleet. 

  • Experience an easier and efficient way of making the transition to e-mobility. 

As the industry evolves, Voltu Motor Inc. remains steadfast in its commitment to being at the forefront, providing a practical and robust solution that empowers businesses to adopt sustainable transportation.

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