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Boosting electrification
through innovation

Technology applied to mobility and energy storage.

We Power Everything

The world is evolving to cleaner and easy-to-use energy sources. At Voltu, we provide the technology to make the transition simpler and faster. A technology that can live inside every application where electric energy needs to be deployed, stored or put into motion.

Focused on alternative and renewable energy sources for individual, commercial and industrial applications, we develop high-performance electric powertrains and energy management solutions, with unique proprietary and patented technology.

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Our INITIO Technology gives us the flexibility and efficiency to produce state of the art and environmentally safe Powertrains and Energy Blocks.

Voltu® Powertrain

At Voltu we developed a complete and customizable solution, capable of powering a wide range of vehicles. Our products include high-density battery modules, state of the art last generation motors and a computerized system that delivers high-efficiency, heavy-duty performance.


  • Maximum torque 280 Nm per power unit

  • Power output: 50 HP to 300 HP per power unit

  • Maximum speed 10.000 rpm

  • Fast charging onboard


Fast charging capability

Thanks to the Initio Control Unit, the proprietary motor and inverter, our drivetrains allow fast charging without the need of an external charger/totem, reducing the costs in infrastructure and charging time anywhere.

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V2X Charging

One of our main characteristics is the bidirectional drivetrain technology. It enables our users to use it´s vehicle as a charging battery pack to provide energy to other Voltu powered vehicles or the domestic network.

Full control at all times

Voltu developed its technology to be constantly connected and reporting in real time. Our telematics system provides the user complete control to maximize efficiency.

Initio Energy Module (IEM)

The Initio Energy Module (IEM) achieves an outstanding energy density thanks to the patented Voltu cooling system, providing larger mileage and power, occupying fewer space.

This cooling system alongside our unique production method, enables us to produce scalable, stackable and compact energy packs.


The Voltu Motor is developed and set-up to maximize the torque delivery at a wide range of RPMs, ensuring optimum performance output at any working condition.

The exclusively designed software prioritizes security and comfort during acceleration and braking. Additionally, it uses regenerative braking to extend the vehicles range capacity.

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440 N Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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