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Delivering 100% electric trucks through our comprehensive powertrain technology

Our cutting-edge EV Powertrains offer a reliable and efficient solution to simplify, derisk, and minimize the cost of the EV transition. Our state-of-the-art product is designed to reduce overall costs while delivering exceptional performance. We maximize payload and towing capacity, and ensure an impressive uptime range. 

Thanks to our integrated high-power charging system, your fleet electrification process will be fast and seamless, without the need for additional investment in charging infrastructure.

Key differentiators

Extended range with our proprietary high-energy density battery modules (up to 450 Wh/l).

Lightweight & compact high-torque motors.

Propriertary bi-directional inverter
No additional infrastructure for high-power charging.

Cloud-based Monitoring Service.png

Cloud-based monitoring service
Over-the-air updates.
Data Analytics | Preventive maintenance. 


Initio technology

Initio™ englobes the premises used to develop the Voltu powertrain:

  • Compact & light-weight

  • Maximized power/weight & power/volume ratios


The core of Initio™ lies within its Liquid Immerse Cooling Concept. This technology allows higher energy density by minimizing the needed space between cells.

The immersive cooling is achieved thanks to the development of a special sealing and proprietary processes that have been refined and tested in Voltu’s manufacturing plant.

Best in-class energy density

battery packs through proprietary


Integrated bi-directional

inverter which eliminates the

need of charging infrastructure.

e-powering mobility

We enable a faster track to electromobility through our unique Initio™ technology.

Global patents


Real-world validation under automotive standards & safety certificates

In-house manufacturing

Secured supply chain

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